Classroom Thoughts

In one more week I will be half done with my student teaching. It seems like I have just started yesterday! I am having a great time, getting to know the kids better, and feel like I am starting to make a difference!  Tomorrow is a big day for me.  During second period I have my second observation from my university.  The first one was really nothing, I just started so I wasn’t teaching the class yet, but this one I will be all on my own! So I am a bit nervous.  Plus we are doing poetry this week, not my strongest knowledge base.  But I know I will do fine, but when someone is watching it is always more nerve-wracking.

Next week is the much-anticipated (?) FCAT writing tests here in Florida.  My fourth grade daughter is taking it and so are the tenth grade students.  The freshmen are also taking the Clay writes test (done in Clay county where the school is located. Helps place the students in the proper English classes next year).  I have extremely mixed feelings about the FCAT test. I think its good to see where the students are at, but we have done so much practicing and teaching to the test (not our class in particular, all classes that are preparing) that the amount of authentic learning is drastically diminished in today’s classrooms.

One change in coming education is common core standards.  As a military spouse I am excited for these standards to start being used.  As military families we move, a lot, and being able to move from one side of the country to the other and the students still be at the same level, working towards the same goals.  I think the common core standards are not only good for that reason, but also because the emphasis is less on testing and more on portfolio based assessment.  Seeing how the students perform overall, not just what they score on a test.

Check out this article to read more:  What Teachers Need to Know About The Common Core State Standards


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