Using Collaborize Classroom & Edmodo

Today, with our tenth grade class we started using a website called Collaborize Classroom.  It is a great site that we are using to have students write to given prompts. We do this everyday in the classroom with paper and pencils but this is a fresh way to get the kids excited about writing.  The best part is that they can write their own response, respond to their classmates responses, and have an online discussion.  What is even more great is that they can vote on the written answer  that they liked best and can suggest writing topics (to be approved by the teacher).

Using this site is something we plan on doing on a weekly basis for out tenth grade class, today, being the first day they really took well to it and enjoyed it. Even after we ended for the day they were still talking about and discussing the questions. Even if the students do not finish they are able to go home, log on, and finish the work.

What is great about this site is that there are hundreds of prompts ready to go for your use. The students are getting practice writing, responding respectfully to each other, and thinking more deeply into the prompt.  There is also a great feature that will not let the students post inappropriate words.  Today, for example, a student tried to use the word poop in his response. A pop up box appeared and let him know that the chosen word was not appropriate to use and that it would be removed.  There is also a free app for the iPhone that is well set up and easy to use as well.

Another great website that we use is edmodo.  Edmodo is similar to a Facebook account, but is used in the classroom.  Teachers are able to post links, which makes it easy for students to log in there and go to the link needed (such as Collaborize Classroom).  Also we post rubrics, due dates for work, and best of all students submit their work to the site.  Everything is all in one place and there is a lot less paper to deal with on a daily basis.

There are a lot more features about these sites that are great, but it would be great if you checked them out for yourself!



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2 responses to “Using Collaborize Classroom & Edmodo

  1. Out of the two (Collaborize and Edmodo), which do you prefer if you had to choose one — and why? I also notice Schoology. I am trying to figure out which service is best. Thank you very much for this post.

    • kaemommy3

      I had not heard of schoolology before so I looked it up. It looks very similar to what Edmodo does. I think I would use edmodo on a daily basis. You can post due dates, assignments and links all right there. Collarborize Classroom is more of a writing forum and we only used it for writing assignments. So both are good in their own ways, but for a program for everyday use I would highly recommend edmodo. You can do a lot with it and keep everything in the one program. Hope this helps!

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