Running on Empty

What a long week! For some reason I have been extremely tired this week.  I have been gearing up dreading the upcoming race this weekend!  I really wanted to be super prepared for it and instead I am just ready to get it over with!  I decided to take a half day on Friday so I can get my race packet early in the day, then go home and clean my house, and then relax to prepare for the next morning!  I am pretty sure that after the race I will be very, extremely sore for a few days!

In school we have been taking performance matters tests and also we started reading novels in most of the classes.  My second period class is reading Nothing but the Truth and they are really liking it.  Now mind you, these are the students who are anti-reading so it pleases me that they were bummed that we were not reading it yesterday or today because of testing.  But we will be back at it tomorrow and I just love it when students get excited to read!!

Later this weekend I will have race pictures, results, and I am sure that I will have lots of funny/tiring stories about the now famous Gate River Run!


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