End to spring break

Here is a recap of our spring break, many photos included!

The first day of spring break we finished our fire pit and also I planted a pretty extensive garden! I love fresh veggies and also not having to buy them at the store at outrageous prices! Here is the fire pit, not fancy, but it is big and will do the job well!


We had many St. Patrick’s day parties the past weekend. The ship that the hubs is on is the USS The Sullivans, named after 3 brothers who were Irish, so this holiday was a big deal for the ‘ship family’. The girls had lots of fun and I made green cookies for each of the two parties!


My poor Lola was spayed on Monday. She was so mad at me that she wouldn’t even look at me when I picked her up later that day. But she is back to normal now and still hyper!


Emma tried to make her feel better with a hug.


Girls night out dinner. Just me taking a picture to show how I joined the colored jeans fad. I do love purple!


Wednesday we went to Fernandina Beach and visited Fort Clinch and went to the beach.  Our trip was cut a bit short because it was starting to rain, but it was fun for a few hours!






Thursday we met up with friends at the zoo and visited the newly opened butterfly garden. The girls loved it and it was so neat, they had ‘fairy’ houses everywhere. No butterflies landed on them, so they were a bit sad about that.


Friday I took my oldest daughter to go see the Hunger Games, it was really good!  Then I took the younger two on a date to Tutti Fruitti, a yogurt shop, they loved it and it was pretty tasty as well!


Picture of the garden this morning, looking good after a little rain last night!  I have a ton of cucumber and tomato plants, I might need to learn how to can vegetables!


So far today has been me doing homework and laundry. But now all that is done we might just spend the rest of the day at home, watching movies. We have been on the go all week, had fun, but now I need to relax before we are back at school on Monday!


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