An age of ignorance… it true?

The teacher that I am working with found a blog post yesterday that really made me stop and think.  You can (and should) read that post here.  The blog post mostly talks about how students are becoming more and more ignorant and the nation seems to be fine with that.  That high school students who are graduating and moving on to college, are more stupid than before because high school is dumbing down its curriculum and parents are less and less involved.  Even though the writer may go over board on some points, I think that he really has something to say.  I work in a high school every day, I see what goes on, and I can say high school has changed a great deal just since I graduated from it almost 13 years ago.  These students are a product of their environment and that product may not be the best that we can produce.  Read it and tell me what you think.


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