Entering the home stretch!

I have really been meaning to get on here and post, but alas, life has taken over…again.  Busy Easter weekend, we hit the beach, had a ship get together for the kids to have an Easter egg hunt, went to the movies to see Mirror, Mirror (really good!), along with all the other weekend household chores!

Finally received a call from the husband unit, they are in port again, great for them, bad for my bank account! But I am glad that he gets to see all these cool places. I counted yesterday and in seven months he has been to nine different ports.  And a few of the ports they have been to more than once, that is a lot of ports for a ship to go to during a deployment!  It’s cool all the stuff that he has picked up along the way though, it will be like Christmas when he gets home!

We are getting ready for homecoming! The girls have cute red, white, and blue dresses. I have found a dress and new shoes as well. So all we have to do, when the day gets closer is ready the house and decorate for his arrival!  I a few weeks we are meeting to make the homecoming signs for base, I know the girls will love doing that.  This is the first time we have ever participated with that, before we were never on a ship so it was a lot different.

We are entering the home stretch! I am just ready to get this over with and decide what we will do next. Make a decision if he will stay in the Navy or get out. If we cannot stay here we are seriously considering him getting out.  We are both tired of moving and are ready to settle down.  Tough decision to make though!

Here is a picture of the Island Cyprus, where they are currently in port.  I wish I was there, rather than here breathing in all this nasty, smoky air from surrounding wildfires.


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