Busy weekend

My weekend started dinner on Friday night with a friend! Since my 11 year anniversary was the next day my friend took me out to Olive Garden! It was  great dinner then we did a little browsing at Charming Charlies!

Then Saturday Kaitlyn and I went to do a 5K with Girls on the run! She did a great job and it was a big accomplishment for her!


This is the New Berlin Elementary Girls on the run team and Champ the mascot showed up to support the girl We were all sweating, I can only imagine how hot he or she was!


Me and my mini-me waiting for the race to start!




Right after the race we went home to pick up the rest of our family and head to the beach to meet a whole big group of friends! Grandpa buried Abby and we turned her into a mermaid!



Then Sunday, after cleaning and laundry we played outside with neighbors who brought out their slip n’ slide!




And I just had to add a garden update! I picked these last night!


My bell peppers and Jalapeno’s are getting big! I also have cucumbers coming in but forgot to take a picture! I need to do something about the cucumber plants though, they are overtaking the whole garden! I over planted becuase I assumed some of the plants would not make it since there is no soil back there, just sand. I was wrong, not a single plant has died yet!  So I am going to need to learn how to can vegetables because we are going to have a ton!



This is how I ended my weekend; fighting for a spot in my own bed! These two are snoring, bed hogs!



This is my final week at Ridgeview!  After today I will only have two more days!  I am sad but excited at the same time! I am ready to do this full-time, but also get paid for doing it!  I have had such a great experience here and am very thankful to Mrs. Mullen and all of the students that I have had the pleasure of working with! Wednesday will be a sad day for sure.


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