I think I have a permanent headache.

This has been a long, headache filled week. It’s only Tuesday.  I want to fast forward to Friday night at about 8 pm. That would be great.  I have a good feeling about the test on Friday though. I only need a  58% to pass.  I have taken two practice tests and have passed with a 71% and 75%. For all purposes we should subtract some points for my horrible test taking then I should still be good!

My other huge headache this week (besides my non-stop talking 4-year-old) is this headline:  The Sullivans skipper relieved of command.  This is my husband’s ship.  They almost made it home without another case of bad luck.  This will be the third CO fired from this ship in under three years.

Uhhh…putting the kids to bed, getting out a book that I have been waiting to read and may indulge in a glass of wine.  Then back to math, math, and more math tomorrow!


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