A huge sigh of relief!

Well all last week I studied and studied for the FTCE General Knowledge Math test and I PASSED!!  I was so stressed over this test I am so relieved to have it done!  The next day I sat down and filled out my online application for the county school district and today I did my resume and requested all of my transcripts.  And let me tell you, when you have been to many, many colleges it takes a lot of time and money to request all of those!

Today was Mother’s day.  I woke up to a very sweet email from my husband, which he never usually does.  A “menu” from my girls with breakfast options.  They were a bit lacking so instead we went out to Panera and shopping at Lowes.  We love going to Lowes to look at all the lawn and garden stuff.  We got two new flowers to plant and the cutest bench for the girls to use. I was wanting to put something by the front door but there is not enough room for a small table and chairs and today we walked in and BAM, super cute bench!  So we went home and planted flowers, cleaned out the garage, and back porch and relaxed with a movie afterwords.

We have 8 days until daddy gets home!  We (I mean ME) have a busy week of dance recital pictures, Kaitlyn is playing piano in the school talent show, and lots of cleaning and getting the house ready.  It has been a bit neglected the last few months.  I am also child swapping on Wednesday and Thursday so my friend and I can run errands to prepare before the guys get back!  So time to relax for the rest of my Mother’s day and back to the gym and heavy-duty (late) spring cleaning tomorrow!


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