It’s non-stop up in here!

What. A. Busy. Week!

This week is crazy!  Monday was dance pictures for Emma and Kaitlyn had a practice for the school talent show.  Tuesday was piano practice then straight to the school talent “show”.  Which semi-angered me because it was supposed to be a SHOW.  Turns out there were judges and three trophy winners.  I don’t really agree with judging elementary kids at a showcase of their talent. Anyways…she did great, but she did not win a trophy so she was kind of sad.

I forgot to take a picture of Emma on Monday, so this is her a few weeks ago trying on her costume.

Wednesday  and today I traded with a friend so yesterday she took Emma and I went and got my hair done, nails, and did a little homecoming dress shopping!  Then we were off to the USO to make welcome home signs for the base!!  We are getting so close and the girls are so excited to see their daddy!  Today was more errands and then Abby’s dance pictures who was adorable as well!

In between all of that I have been putting in a few applications here and there.  Not sure if I will hear back from any but it’s worth a try.  I also heard that there is an opening at a school that I really want to teach at!  I am really hoping to get an interview there!  Next week when life gets settled down I plan on starting to make some calls and hopefully get some meetings lined up!  We will see!  I am not totally sure how this whole process works, but I am sure I will learn as I go!


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