Just my luck…the good and the bad

Well my crazy week is almost wrapped up!  I went into a crazy cleaning phase, had to argue with AT&T to get my husband’s cell phone re-activated, and a million different errands.  But it all paid off and we finally greeted the missing part of our family on Tuesday morning!  Here is a little photogenic proof!

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In other good news I have a meeting at the school that has been on the very top of my “would love to work at” list!!  I am so excited and hope that I can show what I can bring to the table for them!  It really would be my dream job!  But of course with every piece of good news comes bad news.  My bad news came in the form of strep throat.  They day that I welcomed home my husband I was diagnosed with strep.  I guess it is running rampant through the schools here.  It’s not even bad, except it has taken off with my voice!  It is just starting to come back today, hopefully it fully returns by tomorrow!  Thank goodness for antibiotics!

After Friday Thomas is officially on leave for two weeks!  We plan on doing some fun activities with the kids and also some work on the house!  We are having a welcome home/graduation party this weekend so we can get together with all of our friends that Thomas has not seen in the last 8 months. I think the kids will have the most fun, we are renting a big bounce house and bring out the water slide, and later on a bon fire with smores!  And speaking of graduation I received my diploma in the mail today, it sure is pretty!


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