Trying to get back to normal!

Whenever a spouse comes home after a long deployment it is like a whirlwind of going and doing and man, I am getting tired out!  I don’t know about all other families, but we have been doing all kinds of stuff but it seems like we are getting nothing done!  We have a welcome home party over the weekend, which was washed out by tropical storm Beryl, by the way.  We have been running around fixing up my husbands truck, which has been a pain.  And now that the girls are back in school I am trying to settle into our normal routine, but my husband makes it really hard since he is on leave.  But he is at work today (leave or no leave, his end of the month reports need to be in!) so I am trying to catch up on cleaning and odds and ends that I need to get done.  What I really want to be doing is catching up on my DVR’d shows!  I am exhausted, but onward I go!

I am going to start making some calls this week to schools who are hiring and see if I can get in for some more interviews.  What I really wish is that someone would call me and just offer me a job!  Ahhhhhhh…if it were only that easy!  But I have done some research, found a whole bunch of openings, and need to get on the phone.  But first, I think I might clean up the house and maybe sit down with a book, just for an hour, I have greatly missed my reading time this past week!  If there were only 2 more hours in the day…


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