Keeping busy so far this summer

Well I would love to say that I have found a job! But, alas, I have not. I have had two interviews, which both went well. I am waiting for a call back on the last one. So, there is still a chance! One issue is that a lot of schools have not started looking yet since school just got out. Hopefully soon I will get an offer! I can’t wait to find a school that way I can get planning and use some of this summer time to figure out my lessons!

But until then my husband has been keeping me working outside! I am really not a huge outside person. Yes, I have my garden I like to tend to, I keep the lawn mowed, I love the beach. But working outside cutting down brush, putting up fencing, and things of that nature, not my style. But I do have to admit that we are going to have a beautiful backyard! This week we are getting a cement slab poured so that we can make a decent sized screened in porch. We like to spend a lot of time outside (i.e. sitting in the porch reading a book, NOT working) or enjoying dinner outside, the kids love it! And we will all love doing so without a million mosquito bites!



The girls had their dance recital and it was adorable! The last few weeks were crazy with practices, but it did all pay off in the end!




I love this picture of them. We were waiting for the doctor to come in and they were have a great time being silly!


And the two little ones had been begging me to get their hair cut short, so off we went yesterday. They are so cute!


Well, before it gets really hot I am off to mow the lawn and fix my garden a bit, all the rain has made it crazy looking with weeds!


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