Just keep running…

Nothing exciting has been going on around here. Tropical storm Debbie has been hitting us pretty hard with the rain and wind. I kind of welcome it though. If it is raining that means my husband is not making me help out in the yard! Although it is coming along nicely, I am really over doing all that work.  We have been busy around here with appointments, keeping up on the housework, job hunting, and trying to keep the kids entertained!

I started training for a HALF-MARATHON near the Kennedy space center that will take place in November!  Now, after almost dying after the 15k I did a few months ago, I just may be crazy for even thinking of adding four more miles! But I am hoping that I train better for this one. And if I feel like I can’t do it, I won’t.  That is, unless I already paid for it, well then I have to do it, don’t want to waste money!  I also just signed up for the Color Me Rad 5K and it looks like so much fun!  I even started my own team and so far we have my husband and I, he is not aware that he is running this yet, and three other couples!  I hate running but for some reason I love running races, always a great vibe!

Still on the hunt for a teaching position. I have had two interviews so far and I finally got my Official Statement of Eligibility here in FL, so I sent out 5 more applications yesterday.  Hopefully I can get some more interviews lined up!  Waiting is so hard!


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