Classroom Library…suggestions welcome!

So it is Saturday night. I am sitting in my quiet house as my children and husband are all fast asleep. No, it’s not late, they all were in bed at 8 pm. I am too old to be a night owl! Anyways, I am halfway through reading Notebook Connections by Aimee Buckner, which has a lot of great ideas! I am alternating between reading and hoping and praying that I hear back from a school I interviewed at on Friday. I am in LOVE with the school and I really, really want to get the position!  I just want Monday to get here! Not only will I hear back from the school (one way or the other), my dad will be here!

Back to my point…

I was also sitting here thinking about how important it is for students to read. Free read. Read what ever catches their eye. I am a huge believer that every English classroom ( as well as all other classrooms, no matter the subject) should have a good library.  I have picked up books here and there lately, when I can find them  for $3 and under. I am working on getting a good library, but also being a first year teacher I need to spend money on other things for organization and whatnot.  So needless to say my classroom library is starting out very sparse. So this is where you, my awesome readers come in.

How do you stock your classroom library?

What hints, tips, suggestions do you have to acquire books for cheap, like really cheap…or free. Free is good.

Also…I take donations 🙂



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4 responses to “Classroom Library…suggestions welcome!

  1. I am a first year teacher too! YAY UNITE! I am currently stocking my library – I’ve been doing the same as you and picking up books for where I can find them not very expensive. I think you can go to the library and see if they are getting rid of any YA books (libraries often circulate) and you should also ask them if they have any posters for your classroom. My library has been VERY generous in that area. I really just pick up YA novels that I know are awesome through my local used bookstore. I had a lot already because I love reading YA fiction, but a few I’ve just picked up here or there. I think you’re doing it right so far. Also, you should see if you can get ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) of books that you can review on your blog and then stock on your shelves for free!

  2. reading7mandy

    Get in touch with local bookstores. I work for Barnes and Noble and we have an educators program that gets teachers 20% off classroom purchases as well as doing institutional discounts when you need a lot of one book. The educators program is also free to sign up for. We also recommend books that are popular or books we like for whatever age range your looking for.

  3. I teach 4th grade and use Scholastic book orders to help supplement my library. I get free books when my students order books. Scholastic does not always have what I would consider quality books, but it will get your library started. I also use my teacher discount at Barnes and Noble (mentioned above) and keep your receipts. You can claim non-reimbursed classroom expenses on your taxes. Library sales, garage sales, Goodwill stores, second hand book stores… all good places to locate books. Good Luck!

  4. One more suggestion– ask your students for donations. Many of my students will give me books after they finish reading.

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