Who Am I?

I am a wife of 11 years. My husband and I were married very young, right after high school. He joined the Navy and in the amount of time since we have been married we have lived in Pensacola, FL; Jacksonville, FL; Brunswick, ME; Lemoore, CA; Newport, RI; and currently back to Jacksonville, FL.  We have three daughters; Kaitlyn (9), Abagail (6), and Emma (4). Our furry babies consist of two English Bulldogs, Bruno and Lola and a cat named Tinkerbell.

Last year my husband went from being enlisted to a supply officer in the Navy. He is currently stationed on the USS The Sullivans out of Mayport, FL and the ship is deployed at the moment.  So I am here holding down the fort awaiting his return.  I am at the tail end of finishing my master’s degree and I am student teaching at Ridgeview High school.  My dad is living with me at the moment to help take care of the girls while I do my student teaching since I have an hour commute to school, one way, each day.  Daycare was way too astronomical! And  we all love having a man in the house even though daddy is gone!

A little about me: I plan on teaching middle or high school Language Arts/English. I am an avid reader and always have a book in my purse or on my nightstand. Working on my master’s degree has really messed with my reading, but I am almost done with that!  I read anything and everything and lately I have been catching up on the YA reads that the high schoolers might be interested in or that might be required reading in school.  I love to cook and bake. Lately that too has suffered since I have been so busy, but I love to try new things.  My Pintrest addiction has helped me find many new recipes!  But most of all spending time with the family is number one. We love the beach, playing outside, working in our vegetable garden, getting lost in the library, and checking out the animals at the zoo.

To sum it all up this blog is meant to chronicle my adventures as a new teacher. I am 30 so I am behind the power curve a bit, but I think that will work well for me.  I plan on doing some book reviews, share my military life adventures, and I also love to share recipes.  This blog has been slow going lately, but I really want to start posting more and sharing! Hope you keep reading in the future!


One response to “Who Am I?

  1. I giggled reading your “About” page since we have a lot in common, namely being in education, YA novels, and Pinterest! Aside from the Hunger Games trilogy, try “Matched” and “Crossed”. GREAT trilogy though I hate having to wait for the conclusion to be published.

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