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Great news!

I have been busy this past week! I was super stressed over a job that I was waiting to hear back about. This past Monday was the day they said they would call. I waited and waited and called (a few times…) and still no answer by 1. As I was waiting I got a call from another school who wanted me to come in for an interview. So, while I was waiting for a call I headed over and did the interview.  They offered me a job on the spot! When I got home I finally got a call from the other school and sadly I did not get that job.  But either way I am now employed!!  And we are starting back a week earlier than all of the other schools so that means I am off to work tomorrow!

A little information about the school. It is an aviation and military science academy.  The school grade has been a D and last year was brought up almost one hundred points to a C.  The principal is trying really hard to get to a B grade this year and he has hired at least 16 new teachers this year!  So I have high hopes for this year! And I am extremely glad to be a part of this huge improvement that is taking place!

So, I have been a busy bee getting all of my classroom ideas together. I have boxes and bags of stuff to get in my new classroom!  Every year, this same weekend is tax-free for school supplies and whatnot so I hit up the local bookstore, who could not offer tax-free, but on their sale books had a buy two and get one free. So they were already marked down to $1-3, plus the third one was free. AND I had a 20% off coupon!  So, I was so pumped to have walked out with 27 books for my classroom library for only $45!

I was browsing online a while ago and I found a link that explained interactive notebooks and I ordered a book that details and explains it all. When I get it I will read it and review!

Tomorrow is the big day!!


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Getting prepared!

I have been hard at work today!  Trying to get all classroom organization taken care of as I patiently await for news about a position today!  The waiting is killing me!

Pintrest has helped in many ways getting organized! Also I read the First days of School by Harry Wong and listened to the DVD and they inspired me in many ways!

First binder is the everyday organizational binder.

The tabs in this one include:

-Important information. Such as class lists and schedules.

– Student data.  This will include contact information (a student info sheet), conference/meeting times, and assessment scores.

-Curriculum and Testing calendars and any other school calendars as needed.

-Grades. This will include district grading requirements, 9 week grades or homework mark off sheets.

-Team meeting notes & handouts.

-Faculty/site based meeting notes & handouts.

-Professional Learning Community (PLC) notes and handouts.

-Parent call/contact logs


The forms binder is a place to keep all forms that I will need to reproduce throughout the year!


Lesson plan binder. Tabs seperate by months. I do think that I will add a lesson plan tab to my organizational binder for daily use, then transfer to this binder for future use and reference.


The homework notebook.  I got this idea from the dvd in the Wong book.  This will go in the absent box that I posted a picture of earlier.  I will probably just use notebook paper to quickly write down each days assignment, then the students can look up what they missed and grab the items they need from that day’s folder!  This will be so much easier than hunting them down to tell each of them what assignments they missed! And having them sign it let’s me know who got the assignments and who did not!


I found the cute school themed paper at Michael’s today for $3!

I think I am almost ready!  Now I just need a job!

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Spring Break is here!!

I have been waiting for spring break to arrive for a few weeks now! Not working for many, many years has made me a lazy!  The first day of my spring break I headed off to the commissary. Then came home and put my dad to work building a fence for my garden!   I have been wanting to plan a decent sized garden for a while. I am excited to see my plants grow and make me some veggies!  Nothing tastes better than what you have grown yourself!  The second thing on my to do list was to clean my house!  I have been letting that go, long hours at work and after school activities has meant that my housework suffers. So now the garden is planted and the house is clean.

Today was a day filled with appointments. First I dropped off my youngest baby girl, Lola, to the vet. Poor girl needed to get spayed.  Needless to say later today when I picked her up she would not even look at me! Broke my heart!

This was the car ride home.  Now she is walking around whining and staring at me, giving me dirty looks. I feel bad, but twice a year, putting a diaper on her, not cool.

At least Emma is there to make her feel better!

Tomorrow is the last day I plan on doing ‘unfun’ stuff. I need to submit an assignment for class, go to the post office to mail the hubs his last package, and do a mini cleaning again.  Oh, and tomorrow night I am doing a girls night dinner! A break from the kids is much-needed. Then the rest of the week we have a fun activity planned for each day! Wednesday is a beach day. Going to hit up a new beach.  Thursday is a zoo day, have to check out the new butterfly exhibit.  Friday Kaitlyn and I have a date to go watch The Hunger Games!! And Saturday I have a date with Abby and Emma, I think we are going to go to a place called Tutti Frutti, a new frozen yogurt place where you can add all kinds of yummy toppings.

Later on in the weekend I have to do some lesson planning and get ready for my third observation at school.  Working on a final project since we just finished reading Nothing But the Truth.  Haven’t quite decided what I want to do for that yet.  I only have 5 weeks left then I am done with college forever! Oh, I forgot to add to my list, study for the FL certification exam :(.  I have really been putting that off. If I do not pass I seriously will consider trying to just teach at a community college.  So that is my spring break in  a nutshell. Time to go to bed and read a good book!

Just wanted to leave everyone with a parting shot of my husband’s ship at sunset. Only a bit longer and he will be home!


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