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Authors…I would love to review your books!

Not only do I like reading YA books along with ALL other books, but I love to read and share with students, friends, anyone!  So, if you are an author and you would like me to read and review your book on my blog, please do NOT hesitate to contact me.  This will benefit me, I can build my classroom library as well as give my students great new books to read and share with others! And this will benefit you because I will be sharing my thoughts with the world, which could get you some great press!

Here’s what you can expect after you send me a book:  It can take me anywhere from 1 week to 3 months to review a book.  This means I may not finish a book by its publication date.  Between my family, lesson planning, and teaching full-time things can get busy. But I always try to read each book within the month that I get it.  Please keep this in mind when you ask me for a review.

So help me and I will help you! Thanks for your support keeping students on the right path, with a book in hand! 🙂



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Classroom Library…suggestions welcome!

So it is Saturday night. I am sitting in my quiet house as my children and husband are all fast asleep. No, it’s not late, they all were in bed at 8 pm. I am too old to be a night owl! Anyways, I am halfway through reading Notebook Connections by Aimee Buckner, which has a lot of great ideas! I am alternating between reading and hoping and praying that I hear back from a school I interviewed at on Friday. I am in LOVE with the school and I really, really want to get the position!  I just want Monday to get here! Not only will I hear back from the school (one way or the other), my dad will be here!

Back to my point…

I was also sitting here thinking about how important it is for students to read. Free read. Read what ever catches their eye. I am a huge believer that every English classroom ( as well as all other classrooms, no matter the subject) should have a good library.  I have picked up books here and there lately, when I can find them  for $3 and under. I am working on getting a good library, but also being a first year teacher I need to spend money on other things for organization and whatnot.  So needless to say my classroom library is starting out very sparse. So this is where you, my awesome readers come in.

How do you stock your classroom library?

What hints, tips, suggestions do you have to acquire books for cheap, like really cheap…or free. Free is good.

Also…I take donations 🙂


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Idea for a classroom newspaper

A great way to take on a classroom newspaper. I think I might incorporate this if teaching at a middle school!  I really like the ideas that this teacher gave for this project!


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Food for thought!

AdLit.org always has a lot of interesting articles and blogs. Here are a few that I found thoughtful and useful in my reading today and thought I would share! Happy reading!

Summer Loss

A Beach Bag Full of Summer Learning Resources

Featured Booklists: Summer Reading

Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA)

Scholastic Summer Challenge

Teen Book Finder App


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Busy weekend

My weekend started dinner on Friday night with a friend! Since my 11 year anniversary was the next day my friend took me out to Olive Garden! It was  great dinner then we did a little browsing at Charming Charlies!

Then Saturday Kaitlyn and I went to do a 5K with Girls on the run! She did a great job and it was a big accomplishment for her!


This is the New Berlin Elementary Girls on the run team and Champ the mascot showed up to support the girl We were all sweating, I can only imagine how hot he or she was!


Me and my mini-me waiting for the race to start!




Right after the race we went home to pick up the rest of our family and head to the beach to meet a whole big group of friends! Grandpa buried Abby and we turned her into a mermaid!



Then Sunday, after cleaning and laundry we played outside with neighbors who brought out their slip n’ slide!




And I just had to add a garden update! I picked these last night!


My bell peppers and Jalapeno’s are getting big! I also have cucumbers coming in but forgot to take a picture! I need to do something about the cucumber plants though, they are overtaking the whole garden! I over planted becuase I assumed some of the plants would not make it since there is no soil back there, just sand. I was wrong, not a single plant has died yet!  So I am going to need to learn how to can vegetables because we are going to have a ton!



This is how I ended my weekend; fighting for a spot in my own bed! These two are snoring, bed hogs!



This is my final week at Ridgeview!  After today I will only have two more days!  I am sad but excited at the same time! I am ready to do this full-time, but also get paid for doing it!  I have had such a great experience here and am very thankful to Mrs. Mullen and all of the students that I have had the pleasure of working with! Wednesday will be a sad day for sure.

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A few weeks ago I wrote an article about doing 6 word memoirs in the classroom. Today we were featured in the editorial blog over at the 6 Word memoir site!  Classroom of the Week: Ridgeview High School

If you do not know what a 6 word memoir is  or how fun they are to write and read, go check out the SMITH magazine website now!  I love all the memoirs that they show and I want to order some books to keep in the classroom. I really think that I am going to get the desk calendar so I can read a new memoir every day!  My new goal is to write the best 6 word memoir so that I can get an awesome shirt made!  Head over to check out the article that we are featured in, I am pretty excited about it!

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An age of ignorance…..is it true?

The teacher that I am working with found a blog post yesterday that really made me stop and think.  You can (and should) read that post here.  The blog post mostly talks about how students are becoming more and more ignorant and the nation seems to be fine with that.  That high school students who are graduating and moving on to college, are more stupid than before because high school is dumbing down its curriculum and parents are less and less involved.  Even though the writer may go over board on some points, I think that he really has something to say.  I work in a high school every day, I see what goes on, and I can say high school has changed a great deal just since I graduated from it almost 13 years ago.  These students are a product of their environment and that product may not be the best that we can produce.  Read it and tell me what you think.

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